Bryson Tiller is hip-hop and R&B’s most recent and prolific breakout star and “Don’t” is the signature song that powered that ascension. The lead single of 2015’s TRAPSOUL, “Don’t” rose with Tiller as he became a legitimate phenomenon. The simmering, spacey ballad is the perfect introduction to Tiller’s sound. His voice is velvety but not overpowering; the sporadic snaps, chopped up vocals and airy synths blend R&B and hip-hop into a tasty sonic medley; and the entire song is centered around the “I’m just saying, you can do better” sentiment of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.”

When a sea of dad-hat-clad teens and twentysomethings mobbed S.O.B’s in October, it was clear that Tiller had captured something special. When he took the stage to perform “Don’t” only to have it sung for him by the crowd it was obvious that the song had become a legitimate hit. When, just five months after packing the 200-person S.O.B’s, Tiller played two nights at the infamous, 6,000 seat Radio City Music Hall it was obvious that he had in short time become a superstar.