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It looks like up-and-coming artist Shake has a lot in store for the rest of 2016. As a member of the hip hop collective 070, the 19-year-old New Jersey rapper has been generating a good amount of buzz recently—especially after making an appearance in Kith’s “Year V” collection lookbook in April; however, her unique style isn’t the only thing catching people’s attention, it’s also her unique sound.

Though she’s relatively young, Shake’s music has touched on some very real and mature topics, including drug addiction, death, and love. Her deep lyrics and distinct voice have also garnered a decent following, and it appears she’s hoping to add to the budding fanbase with a new project release later this year. But until then, Shake has given us a sneak peek at what’s to come with her new song “Bass for My Thoughts.”

Produced by the Kompetition, the song gives listeners an inside look into Shake’s mind. The track starts out with a noticeably upbeat tempo, takes a turn towards a darker sound, and then returns to a lighter beat. According to her rep, it’s intended to reflect Shake's emotional waves and how she's able to deal with them through the use of music. 

"When I have to fight these negative things in my mind, music is the only thing that saves me..turn up the bass, for my thoughts,” Shake told Complex.

You can listen to “Bass for My Thoughts” below. And be sure to keep your eyes out for more information on Shake’s upcoming project.