How was your day? Stressed? Hit play on Robb Bank$' latest single and proceed to smack every and anybody in your path. The Florida native is set to drop his project C2 soon, and chose "Bett" to set things off. Nuez, YXXXNZ, and Stain put the production together for this joint and Robb displays his ability to mold his flow to just about any beat. It also helps that he comes from some musical pedigree being the son of Shaggy and all. Having a good ear for beats must run in the family. The energy he comes with is reflected in a statement he sent us via email:

"I see C2 as a resurrection of my past self and to be honest, I've been having fun with the music. I'm making and getting back to my roots with the songs on this project. The songs lately have the same feel and energy I felt when I was 16 recording Calendars. It's extremely nostalgic. I felt C2 was the most fitting title. "Bett" reminds me of when I use to ride around playing Webbie in high school. Every song has it's own soul and influence that brings back memories for me in some way, which is the same thing I want people to feel when the hear it."

You might not want to bet against him after hearing this. Bump it below, and keep an ear out for the line at the 2:42 mark where he mentions how he twice turned down a spot on the vaunted XXL Freshman list.

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