Armed with one of the most unique-sounding flows to ever grace grime, Slew Dem Crew's Kraze is about to make a return to the scene after a long hiatus.

Rising up in a time when ad-libs were all the rage (It's Kraze, Kraze) and being playful with cadences was just something you did, Kraze made an impression that even after all these years has never been forgotten. Of course times have changed since his mid-2000s reign, but on new 5-track EP Fire & Brimstone, he more than delivers the goods, giving us an updated version of his previous stylings.

In an email, Kraze told Complex: "Fire & Brimstone is my step up back into what I had been apart of from the start and have been so ghost in—the grime scene. I was facing troubles and had my mind in an unreachable place. Then Esco passed and created even more of a gap between me and grime. This EP is my way of finding my heart back in it, and cementing my status as one of the top-tier original guys from the start. Slew Dem to the masses."

Stream the project in full exclusively below.