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The aptly-titled "Save The World" from young Dutch producer Saux may not actually do what it says on the tin, since that's an extremely tall order right now, but it might just help you forget for a minute. Where past releases "Take It" and "LIWY" stirred in Afro elements to his funk-ridden style of house music, "Save The World" goes down a slightly different path. Sonically, it's a surprising blend of disco melodies with a pronounced dancehall-leaning cadence—and, considering how unlikely a pairing that is, it works remarkably well. Capping it all off is Saux himself with a delicate and soothing vocal turn.

On the subject of his myriad influences, Saux explained: "Musically, it's a melting pot—it's my interpretation of many different influences. And sound-wise, it's my way of trying to capture a warm saturated sound with few layers like the old Arthur Russell disco records or South African '70s pop. The song talks about how relationships can be influenced so much by emotional and physical distance."