Elderbrook's repertoire is shaping up quite nicely right now. His deft blend of rich and soft vocals with driving beats and club-ready rhythms is proving more and more popular with each new track. "Go", the latest example of this winning combination, gives us some of his most arresting vocals and—crucially—one of his most club-ready rhythms. However, unlike past releases like "Could", "Go" is much less sparse but there's still a potent simplicity about it. Though there are more layers and individual elements, each element is used to maximum effect giving the drums, bass, vocals and melodies as much opportunity to leap out of the track as they need. "The song is a story about someone close to you leaving," Elderbrook explained to us over email. "'Go' was interesting to make cause it's so different to a lot of my other songs (which are slower and more chilled out). This one's much more frantic in places yet still hangs back with space in the verses."