Finding the perfect gift for your mom can sometimes be a difficult task. Sure, she’d probably be fine with a nice card and maybe a gift certificate, but “fine” isn’t good enough for the woman who gave you the gift of life. You would hope to give her something she would really appreciate, something that would truly touch her, something that would bring her so much joy she’d scream and question reality. This is exactly what happened when two siblings surprised their mom with Beyoncé concert tickets. VIP Beyoncé tickets.

On Sunday, Shannon Stokes and his sister Jade Mayo told their mother they would take her to a family dance party for her 65th birthday. Once their mom was secured in the back seat, dressed to the nines, they informed her there was actually no party; instead they were taking her to see Beyoncé’s concert in Philadelphia. And, as we can see from Mayo’s Twitter videos, their mother’s reaction was priceless.

"Our mom loves Beyoncé. She has followed her since her Destiny Child days, but she hasn't seen her live since her first solo tour for the Dangerously in Love album," Stokes told Complex. 

After learning what her birthday gift was, she was immediately overcome with disbelief, which eventually turned into gratitude. “Oh my goodness. Thank you. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much,” she said as they approached the Lincoln Financial Field. It was a fitting reaction for any member of the Beyhive.

"My mom was still in shock when it was over, she really had no idea and she was also in amazement at how clearly we could see her," Stokes said. "She thanked us the whole ride home and she has not stopped talking about it since."

We wonder how her kids will top this for her next birthday.

STADIUM STATUS #FormationWorldTour @Beyonce @shannon_sense

— Jade (@LE_BONES) June 6, 2016