UPDATE 12:12 a.m.: Joe Budden apparently intends to keep the beef alive despite Meek Mill's attempts to dead it. He just sent a mocking series of tweets about Meek in response to the Philly rapper's Instagram comment (below).

UPDATE 11:19 p.m.: Meek Mill just posted a comment on Instagram saying that he is not dropping a dis track about Budden. Original article below.


Original Article: It looks like the beef between Meek Mill and Joe Budden might be about to take off in a major way. On Wednesday, Meek previewed lyrics on his Instagram to a song that seemingly references Budden. “Petty niggas wanna mention my name to get acknowledged …. Hoping I react like a fool and give em violence…. I rather kill em wit success and give em knowledge…. Before I throw it all away for a sucka cuz we the hottest…" he wrote.

The song comes in the wake of a series of tweets Budden sent out recently taking shots at Meek recently. "Fuck Meek," he wrote. "I have issues when celebs throw stones & hide behind fans." He went on to ask "why is he bragging about anything?" and posted a picture of Meek and Nicki Minaj together with the caption "lol." Meek and Nicki both seemed pretty unbothered at the time, but clearly Meek isn't quite ready to let the issue go.

Ironically, Joe Budden has also been rumored to have a bubbling beef with Meek's nemesis Drake. Budden claimed that Drake had taken shots at him on "4PM in Calabasas." He later previewed a new track on Periscope, where he said "My words ain't ghostwritten/I ain't Drake," and shared it with the caption "Budden vs. Drake Round 1." Is there a beef triangle about to erupt? We'll have to see, but in the meantime, clearly Joe Budden isn't sweating it too much.