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Kanye West tweeted late Monday night that he was holding viewings of his controversial new music video for "Famous" all over New York City. While the messages announced half a dozen locations in downtown Manhattan and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there was no information about start times. 

Over three and a half hours after the screenings were first announced around 9 p.m. none of them had yet begun. 

The "Famous" video premiered on Friday night at The L.A. Forum. Since then, it has been the subject of both praise and vicious criticism. The video shows West and eleven other ultra-famous celebrities naked in bed together. So far, George Bush, Taylor Swift, and Donald Trump have denied that they appear in the clip.

West has done on-street screenings before. In 2013, he showed his "New Slaves" video at 66 locations around the world, an ambitious plan that ran into both legal and technical issues in various places.