Jon Bellion is gearing up to release his debut album The Human Condition next Friday (June 10), and the music he's shared from the project has been nothing short of impressive. That includes his latest tune, "Maybe IDK," which serves as an inspirational anthem for those who experience self-doubt. So pretty much everyone.

We caught up with Jon Bellion about "Maybe IDK" and also asked him about the amazing artwork that comes along with it. Check out "Maybe IDK" above and peep our Q&A with Jon as well as his upcoming tour dates below. The Human Condition is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Your new song “Maybe IDK” deals with uncertainty, self-doubt, and yet the vibe takes a complete 180 on the hook when you embrace the unknown. Were there anything specific moments in your life that inspired this record?
Every single moment of my life haha. We all pretend to have it so figured out. I think this song was just a realization that I don’t and I won’t ever will. Which in an odd way only strengthens my faith.
Tell me about the artwork, which looks like a story in and of itself. There’s a lot going on; you’re sending off a blast akin to Goku’s Kamehameha, the atmosphere is chaotic, a beat pad is midair. Is the world's fate in Jon's hands?
It’s just a big illustration of my frustration. Everytime you hear me say “but maybe thats ok” is what you are seeing, it matches the intensity of the lyric in that moment. The entire song up until that point is the Kamehameha wave build up.” 
Each song released from the new album thus far shares a different theme that plays up the Human Condition narrative. Is there one song or theme you’re excited for fans to experience when the album drops?
“The Hand Of God (Outro)" for sure. It’s my most honest approach to a record thus far and it's backed by the choir that sang on "Man in the Mirror" for Michael Jackson.
You’ve said The Human Condition took about two years to complete, which would put the start time around the release of ‘The Definition.’ How would you sum up the process of creating this project?
Tedious, meticulous, spiritual, involved, explorative.

You count Kanye as one of your biggest inspirations. What would a ‘Ye x Jon Bellion collaboration sound like?