It only took one text from Fonzworth Bentley to get the newly-released Gucci Mane to jump on Kanye West's already infamous Cruel Winter track, "Champions." Bentley revealed as much during a Q&A on Twitter. "We were at the studio and [Kanye] mentioned Gucci getting out...I really gave him the play by play of the significance of all the beats of what that looked like," he told the fans. Bentley explained he left to go take care of his daughter and by the time he had arrived back at the studio, Kanye had written a line about Gucci.

At that moment, Bentley knew they had to get Gucci on the track. "I sent one text message, industry insider, and got an income of texts immediately. Before I knew it, I was on the phone with Gucci and I connected him to 'Ye and the rest is history." As a result of Bentley's brilliant idea to send that one text message, the world got what is now the incredibly GOOD "Champions."

From there, Bentley spent the rest of the Q&A opening up about his past working with Puff Daddy in the fashion industry and collaborating with Kanye over the years. He also took questions from some of his closest friends and collaborators including Puff, Big Boi, and Ray J. When Puff asked what are some of the most important things he has learned over the years, Bentley responded with the wisdom of "Call Puff back." You can watch Bentley break everything down during his recent Twitter Q+A below.