French Montana responded Tuesday to recent comments from the mother of the late Coke Boys artist Chinx, who was shot and killed in Queens in May 2015. Montana, stopping by the Wendy Williams Show to discuss his forthcoming album MC4, revealed to Williams that he doesn't speak to Chinx's mother and "never made a dollar" off her son's career.

"I think that's the police job," Montana said of the unanswered questions surrounding Chinx's death. "I love Chinx's mom. But I think me and her never had a relationship. I never spoke to her when he was alive. I might have spoke to her one time. The second time I spoke to her was at the funeral." According to Montana, Veronica Clinton—Chinx's mother—asked him at the funeral what was "going on" with her son. "I said 'I told him to stay out the streets, don't be driving around [at] 4 in the morning by yourself or with another person," Montana said. "She said 'you're not his father.'"

Montana also took issue with any insinuation of guilt. "All I did was give him a platform to feed his family," he said. "I never made a dollar off him. All the money he made, I told him 'go take care of your family.'" Montana added that, by 2015, Chinx had his own house and car was taking care of his family. "I think I did my job," Montana said. "If I tell you what to do and you don't want to listen to me then… you know?"

Clinton spoke to Fox 5 NY at a vigil marking the one-year anniversary of Chinx's murder in May, telling reporter Lisa Evers she felt "disrespected" by Montana and Puff Daddy. "P. Diddy and French Montana need to come out and see me," she said. "They ain’t said nothing to me since my child been dead. Even when my child was dead, they wouldn't see me."