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There was a lot to take in at Kanye West's unveiling of his film for "Famous" at the L.A. Forum on Friday. From the naked depictions of West and other celebrities on the large screen in the front, to Desiigner losing his ever-loving mind to West's aux cord DJ session, the entire thing was one gigantic sensory overload.

Amidst all the chaos and uproar surrounding the content of the video itself, there was one other thing that caught a lot of Yeezy stans' attention: the remix of Kanye's second The Life of Pablo single "Father Stretch My Hands" that he played during the event. Cooked up the electronic DJ duo Dodger Stadium, the cinematically expansive take on the track has now been uploaded to SoundCloud for your regular listening pleasure. 

As it turns out, West wasn't the only person who was taken by this new version of "Father Stretch My Hands." As Pigeons and Planes pointed out, West's close friend and collaborator Virgil Abloh used a nearly hour-long take on the remixed version of the song at his most recent Off White fashion show today in Paris. 


You can check out both the version that West busted out at the "Famous" premiere, along with the extended cut used by Abloh below.