New details about Christina Grimmie's killer, Kevin Loibl, reveal that he underwent Lasik eye surgery and hair transplants to win the late singer over.

Loibl was infatuated with Grimmie and was on a mission to become more attractive for her by getting surgery and going on a vegan diet to lose weight, his co-workers told TMZ. They said he would also listen to her music while at work and discussed marrying her on several occasions. He reportedly even went to a concert of Grimmie's in March and told co-workers that they met, although Grimmie's camp has said the two had never met in person or had contact with each other. 

The co-workers also told Loibl that he wouldn't win her over because she appeared to be dating her producer already. The two didn't go public with their romance, but Grimmie did post pictures of the two together all over her Instagram.


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Grimmie was fatally shot last week by Loibl after her concert in Orlando. Memorials and tributes have been pouring in from fellow singers, including Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Charlie Puth. Hundreds of people showed up for Grimmie's hometown vigil in New Jersey to remember the late singer. Selena Gomez's stepfather also raised more than $100,000 for the Grimmie family, and Grimmie's Voice coach, Adam Levine, personally offered Grimmie's mother to pay for funeral expenses

You can donate to Grimmie's GoFundMe page here.