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On Tuesday afternoon, Cash Money boss Birdman appeared on ESPN's Highly Questionable to talk about sleeping on a million dollars and playing Madden with Lil Wayne. The entire interview was pretty entertaining, especially the part about sleeping on that much money, because who does that? Well, Birdman does. However, most of the reaction to the interview is coming from Lil Wayne's end when he tweeted shortly after it aired that the entire episode was "Hiiiiiighly questionalbe."


Of course, this reaction from Wayne comes as no real surprise since he and Birdman are still at odds over his status at Cash Money and the money that Wayne says Birdman owes him for his time on the label. Though things looked to be mending between Wayne and Birdman earlier this year, Wayne has recently dissed Cash Money and Birdman publicly during concerts over the past few weeks while promoting his new projects. 

It now appears that Baby and Wayne's issues aren't going away anytime soon, especially since Weezy is still taking very public shots at his former Cash Money boss. Birdman has yet to respond to Wayne's recent jabs in his direction, and it will be interesting if he even does at this point. As of now, Wayne is still suing Birdman for money he is owed from his time at Cash Money and it doesn't appear he's going to drop that suit anytime soon. You can watch the entire interview above, and check out Wayne's perfect response below. 

@LilTunechi lmfaooooooooooo

— Thy Young One (@jason_yusupov) June 28, 2016