Late last year, a Trim tune called "Man Like Me", produced by James Blake friend and collaborator Airhead, made its way online. It was later followed by the Blake-produced "RPG" earlier this year. Naturally, both tracks received a warm reception and fans were soon speculating as to whether this would form a greater release, or at least signal more collaboration between Trim and James Blake (the pair last collaborated on the hugely popular "Confidence Boost" in 2012). Now, a more formal announcement has been made that Trim will be releasing an album through Blake's 1-800 Dinosaur label on July 29, 1-800 DINOSAUR Presents Trim—and it looks as though "RPG" and "Man Like Me" will be included.

"RPG" seems to be the only track Blake will produce, with Airhead, BullionHappaBoothroyd, Dan Foat and Klaus handling the rest of the album. While there haven't been any new cuts shared, it's enough to have the artwork and release date confirmed... for now. Take a listen to "RPG" and "Man Like Me" below while we get ourselves nice and gassed for the drop.