It's no secret people like to wild out Twitter, but this insane video might be a first. Late Tuesday night, a video surfaced of two people having sex, with the woman literally freestyling as they were getting it on. And not only was she freestyling, but she was actually dropping some crazy bars with a flow that somehow managed to match the man's pumps. The entire thing is pretty fascinating and has quickly blown up all over the social media network, with users continuously adding some hilarious jokes to the video.

As of now, the original tweet that blew up has thousands of likes and retweets, which should only go up as the video continues to spread on Twitter. While the jokes are funny, the best part of this is easily the girl's flow. Like, her focus is amazing, though you could argue the guy might not have been doing something right if she was able to get off bars like that during sex. Still, applaud her. The mood was set with candles lit and she was getting these flows off.

We have to wonder if she's actually a rapper or if this is just a hobby that she likes to do. If she is a rapper, then she needs to drop a mixtape ASAP to take advantage of this shine. 

You can watch the video and check out some of the hilarious reactions below.