Let's take a moment to think back to the rappers who were topping the charts in 2003: 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Eminem, and even Chingy, who briefly became relevant again for five minutes this year for his endorsement/non-endorsement of Donald Trump. Now let's imagine how Victoria Beckham—British lady, poshest of all Spice Girls, and fashionista wife of soccer icon David Beckham—would have fit into that group

Having trouble picturing it? Maybe this will help you. It's one of the tracks from Beckham's newly-leaked, 2003 hip hop album, Come Together. Before this week the album produced by Roc-a-fella co-founder Dame Dash had only been a myth to most of us, but thanks to the internet, it's now all too real. This track features M.O.P. with Beckham sing-rapping such hot fire as:

So now you know how I feel/ Boy it's time to make a choice

Are you ready to be with me/ Cos it's time to kill the noise

I need the love of someone I can trust/ Can you commit to me, or stop playin me

How's that working for you? Were you feeling it. I hope so, because there's like 14 more songs just like it

In Beckham's defense, and as the BBC pointed out, the vocals don't sound like they've been mixed properly, so the tracks are probably far from a finished product. Beckham probably wouldn't care if you clowned on them anyway. She admitted herself that her microphone wasn't even turned on for performances during the Spice Girls' '90s glory days. She also seems to be over the idea of being a thing in the music world, as she's letting the Spice Girls hit the road for a reunion tour this year without her.