When it comes to electronic music, Montreal is on top right now. Kaytranada, High Klassified, Lunice, Da-P, WYLN, and Ryan Playground are all leading the way when it comes to the city’s bass-heavy sound, and 19-year-old producer Tibe looks to be the next to join the ranks of these super producers making international waves.

Today, the BEVSTMODE affiliate unveils “Mist,” a booming trap outlier with horn stabs, marching band snare, a plinking synth lead, and a sub-bass that sits heavy in your chest. It’s as light and bright as its namesake, but the low end is as heavy as a ton of bricks.

“‘Mist’ is a combination of all my favourite sounds,” Tibe told Complex. “I tried to push this track further than I have before, trying to convey a more aggressive side to my sound. I wasn’t necessarily angry when I made it, but it makes me hype. It’s a way of letting out my own dark side.”

Listen to Tibe’s “Mist” below. Stay tuned for his new EP, dropping sometime this summer.


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