One student, Hajar Benjida, has taken a project at school to a whole new level by comparing Young Thug's many poses to famous works of art of people in similar positions.

In one picture, Thug can be seen holding his foot in a store for a light stretch, which looks just like a woman checking out her feet After the Bath in an 1875 painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Another highlight calls back to Thug's mood at Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 show at Madison Square Garden and juxtaposes it to the Vision of St Helena looking equally as bored/tired/over it in Paolo Veronese's famous painting. There is also an incredible juxtaposition between a self portrait of Frida Kahlo next to a throwback of Thug ​rolling around the airport in a wheelchair snacking on Nilla wafers.

Of course, Benjida couldn't help but also draw similarities between that time Thug rode around on a horse to announce his new tour and a very regal portait of Prince Charles of Prussia on his horse.

"This is literally my school project," she notes in the Instagram bio. We can't really imagine a better way to earn credit in class than analyzing the art of Young Thug. Young Thug did not immediately return Complex's request for comment, but the student did respond and their statement on the project can be found below. For now, check out some of the standout posts below or you can look at all of them here.

Well i study photography and not art history like one article claimed lol and we had to visit an exhibition in a a photo museum in Rotterdam and we got the assignment to pick one artist from the exhibition and get inspired by their way of working/thinking so it didn't necessarily have to look like their work. I chose Jan Hoek in the first place because i really liked the way he presented his work at the exhibition and his work in general but his way of working was totally different than mine. Also this was one of the first times we didn't actually have to take photos for an assignment so I really took my chance on this one. So it was like 2am and I had class early in the morning and i had no idea what to do then there was young thug on the cover of dazed magazine laying around in my room and remembered the iconic shoot he did for Dazed. The pictures of that shoot look like classic paintings themselves and the photo of him laying on that red car reminded me of the Birth of Venus painting by Alexandre Cabanel. But still this had nothing to do with the assignment until i remembered that there was this guy who also presented his work at the exhibition that made ''the ultimate selfie guide'' and he said that he had analysed thousands of photos to create 66 golden rules for snapping the perfect selfie. to be honest i wasn't really a big fan of his work...... but ''the analysing photos part'' was similar to the way i work. That also reminded me of my reaction pictures folder on my phone including amazing photos of Young Thug. So that night i found like 8 combinations and presented it in a crappy powerpoint to the class and decided to make an instagram account to see how people would react to it. but we have a presentation coming up where we have to show all the work we did this year so i got something amazing in mind for that haha. and as long new amazing photos of young thug pop up on the internet i'm gonna keep going with this, of course it's getting harder to find combinations but hey there were no photos of young thug on a horse on the internet until last month or so when he came up with that promo video for his “Hy!£UN35 Tour”

Vision of St Helena by Paolo Veronese (c. 1580)

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Equestrian portrait of Prince Charles of Prussia by Friedrich Anton Kilp (1872)

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self-portrait with the portrait of Doctor Farill (1951) by Frida Kahlo

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Woman in front of a mirror by Alfred Stevens (1870)

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Femme à mi-corps, coucheé sur on divan (1829)

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Ay fuck cancer (2016)/Cordelia at King Lear's bed by Robert Dudley

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