Following last month's "Angel Grove", singer-songwriter Jason Nolan is back with another infectious jam. Similar in tone and sound to his last track, on "Penny" (out now on Majestic Records) Nolan blurs the lines between live instruments and electronics even further for an engrossing listen. "Penny" is a bouncy, infectious piece of music that carries enough creative prowess to intrigue and engross the listener, whilst nestling itself deep in the recesses of your mind. And despite its sunny disposition, there's also a solid message at the heart of Penny as Nolan explained to us via email: "The main lyrical theme is the concept of materialism at a really young age. The track touches on the negative knock on effects of young materialism through the eyes of a 5 year old in regard to having a sense of entitlement, being showy and frivolous. I guess like a lot of kids there was definitely a time when collecting Pokemon cards was my everything".

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