Popcaan was taken into custody in Antigua following a scuffle with police after a fan ran up onto the stage, according to multiple reports.

Videos surfaced on social media showing the reggae and dancehall artist helping the stage-crashing fan escape the grip of a police officer, causing the officer to smack Popcaan's hand during the actual performance. The two briefly shoved each other before Popcaan's crew and more police officers got involved.

According to a report from Antiguan media outlet The Daily Observer, Popcaan later directed a diss song at the cops, inflaming tensions even more. He eventually left the stage, and fans began throwing bottles and causing a disturbance, leading the officers to take him into custody, according to The Daily Observer's report. 

Although there is no footage of the actual arrest, a later video claims to show police escorting Popcaan to the police station.

Fans reportedly gathered outside the police station to demand Popcaan's release. According to MissInfo, the Jamaican native could be facing multiple charges, including assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. However, a report from The Jamaica Gleaner notes that as of this morning, Popcaan has not yet been officially charged. 

So far, it hasn't really been a great week for Popcaan. He was originally slated to make an appearance on Drake's new album, VIEWS, but his contributions to the song "Controlla" ended up getting cut at the last minute. We've reached out to reps for Popcaan and will continue to update as further details become available.