Rising MC Nessly returns today with the official debut of his new projectStill Finessin​. The nine-track release is a major step forward for Nessly, who has already opened eyes throughout the industry with multiple appearances on Drake's OVO Sound Radio show on Apple Music's Beats 1. While you could say that Nessly lives in the trap lane, he brings another element with his music, as he balances catchy melodies with standout verses that prove he's more than just an ordinary rapper. "This is my most proud body of work," Nessly told Complex. "I feel I've reached a point where I've sonically and executed something completely representative of myself."

That point in Nessly's career is now here, and he's ready to take off through a crowded scene that is separated by the quality of music, which is an area that he thrives in. Nessly constantly pushes the envelope with Still Finessin, which includes features from Lil Yachty and Ro Ransom, as well as production from Cardo, Wizdm, Beewirks, and more.

"Over the course of January to late April I started seeing everyone catch wind, I just felt it was time to put something solid out rather than just being a single driven artist," he explained. "I usually come with the energy to turn everyone up but I felt like I could show there's more to it - a new energy I needed to show the world. That's what Still Finessin is all about." So with Still Finessin finally here, it's time to enjoy, and see where Nessly goes next. Stream the project in full below.