Thursday, Janet Jackson released the music video for "Dammn Baby," the new single off her latest album Unbreakable. The minimalistic, black and white video shows the 49-year-old pop star dancing and singing the catchy hit alongside backup dancers in a white room filled with flickering lights. 

The creators of the video explained to Entertainment Tonight the goal for the "Dammn Baby" video was to show off Jackson's dancing and strip down everything else. The song is perhaps appropriately titled, because a source told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday that the singer is pregnant with her first child. That wouldn't be surprising, given that she recently delayed her tour to have kids. "My husband and I are planning our family,” she announced via a Twitter video in April. “Please, if you could try and understand that it’s important that I do this now. ... I have to rest up, doctor’s orders.”

Fans are happy about both the video and the exciting news for the artist, who—if the rumors are true—managed to get pregnant just weeks before her 50th birthday.

Whether she's starting a family or not, it clearly hasn't put her music career on pause.