Azealia Banks has somehow managed to rile up the whole of Twitter once again. Set to perform at Rinse: Born & Bred festival in London on June 5, the "212" rapper took aim at the UK and specifically Zayn Malik but then also bizarrely rap and grime, claiming "UK RAP is just a disgrace to rap culture in general" and with UK rappers "It's ALWAYS FORCED".

Needless to say, people on Twitter weren't happy and fired back in full force.

Big Narstie couldn't believe what he'd woken up to.

NoLay with possibly the best tweet of the day.

Logan Sama summed up what everyone is thinking.

This guy decided to point out a very valid fact.

Banks also tweeted abuse at MNEK.

Who then swiftly shut her down too.

The Harlem rapper's set at Born & Bred also came under fire.

The Harlem rapper later went on to claim that she has the right to bear arms everywhere she goes and that she has "armed security".

It doesn't look good for Azealia Banks right now.