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As Future's profile continues to rise at an exponential rate amongst a larger world audience, the Atlanta master of trap has decided to add a new name to his burgeoning stable of FreeBandz artists. The latest addition is a Florida rapper named Zoey Dollaz who announced yesterday that he'd signed up with Futch and inked a record deal with Epic Records at the same time. Dollaz is probably most recognized for his song "Blow a Check" which was later remixed by Puff Daddy and included on the Bad Boy boss' most recent release MMM

Freebandz over Everythang @ZoeyDollaz #Epic

— FUTURE/FREEBANDZ (@1future) April 9, 2016

"When I tell you dreams are real man chase them s--ts," Dollaz wrote in an Instagram post heralding the news. "I met L.A. Reid he signed me instantly and looked at me said 'Idk you, this my first time meeting you, but I know talent and I know a good soul when I see one welcome to Epic Records.' Dog I didn't say a word to nobody after that not even my mom knew anything. Just chase your dreams man because somewhere out there they're real!"