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As the world continues to mourn the tragic loss of Prince, who died this morning at the age of 57, Zane Lowe hit the airwaves on Beats 1 Radio to deliver an epic tribute to the legendary singer. Lowe ran through countless Prince classics during his show, and even took time out of the broadcast to talk about everything that Prince meant to not only music, but the world in general.

As it's been widely pointed out, Prince's music isn't even available on iTunes or Apple Music, but that wasn't going to stop Lowe from paying tribute to an absolute legend. As of now, Prince's music is only available to stream on Tidal after he pulled it from every other streaming service last year. You can listen to Prince's entire catalog via Tidal here, and check out the ongoing Prince tribute mix going on right here. We'll add the full audio of the tribute when it's available.