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It’s been a while since DJ Khaled has featured any guests on We the Best Radio. In the past, he’s had the likes of Puff Daddy, Nas and French Montana on his show, delivering barbershop-like conversations with his guests. He's also gotten some major exclusives, premiering French's Wave Gods and having the first bit of news about Puff's Bad Boy reunion show in Brooklyn. Tonight, he’s blessing us with a special reggae set from Jazzy T and DJ Delano.

Jazzy T is a popular Renaissance selector, while Delano Thomas is a veteran in music and founder of Renaissance Disco. Delano has worked with artists such as Swizz Beatz, Sean Paul, Eve and many more. Seeing that Khaled has always expressed his love for some good reggae on Snapchat, this mix should get you right for the weekend.

Listen to this episode of We the Best Radio here.