Earlier this week, Lupe Fiasco gave a much overdue acceptance speech for a Grammy he won back in 2007 for “Daydreamin’,” his single off Food & Liquor. Unfortunately, the rapper wasn't able to pick up his award during the ceremony because he was sick with pneumonia. His mom accepted the award on his behalf. The Grammy was sent to his lawyer, who kept the award in her garage for nearly a decade.

When Lupe’s assistant moved it to New York, he finally got a hold of his much deserved golden gramophone. "Nine years ago, I had the opportunity to be nominated for one of these," Lupe told the crowd while holding up the Grammy. "In nine years, I only have seen this one time...This is literally, no bullshit, this is the first time on like a stage in front of people that I was able to hold this up." 

Lupe went on to deliver his first official acceptance speech to the Cincinnati crowd thanking his family, his business partners, his engineers, producers, managers, his hometown city of Chicago, and lastly, his late father. "This is why this is very special because I wrote this song...When I was a little kid, my father used to drive me around downtown Chicago and he used to say, "You see all these buildings? You can take all these buildings and if you put them together, they'll turn into a robot. From that point, that was the initial point that all of my creative energy and fascination would tell these stories and seeing the potential of the world...And so I wrote a song about it. And that song is this song right here." From there, Lupe jumped into a performance of "Daydreamin'." Watch the whole thing go down above.