You already know that rising artist Anderson .Paak brought his mentor Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar out on stage with him for an incredible and memorable Coachella performance last weekend. Well, it turns out Beats was actually on hand to film everything that went down. In their new feature, "All in a Days Work," cameras follow .Paak and Dre as they hit the studio to rehearse and plot their big surprise collaboration. "This is definitely our biggest show," .Paak tells the camera. "This means a lot." Dre has an obvious respect and admiration for the singer explaining, "The artists that I like to work with are people that you know their voice from the first syllable. As soon as he opens his mouth, you're going to know it's him."

The experience was an enriching one for .Paak who notes in the video, "I can hear it. It's like night and day when I work with him on a song than when I work by myself. And after I was done working with Dre, I had a different approach at how I went in the studio. It was just more tenacity." It's definitely an experience to see these two at work behind the scenes. Watch the video above.