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24-year-old Ty Senoj, born Tyler Jones, is the rapper/producer behind some of the weirdest and waviest trap subversions coming out of Toronto right now. Rolling with the New Wave Order collective (alongside Hunnid Fiddy Milly collaborator Joe Impala), Senoj’s auto-tuned warble and over-the-top wordplay probably place him in a lane that’s closer to Fetty Wap than fellow 6-side native Drake. What really sets him apart from mainstream contemporaries, however, is his fondness for glitchy, distorted beats, and twisted synth melodies. In that sense, it’s hard to compare Ty Senoj to anyone, but perhaps the closest fit is the new wave of oddball rappers like Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert, who take cues from no one, and are completely comfortable in their own skin.

Today, we’ve got a double dose of new material from the Toronto rapper. First, there’s “Sauce Drip,” a demented trap odyssey complete with an 8-bit synth, piano trills, and a stunt-worthy hook that’ll be stuck in your head for days. Lyrically, this is a good example of how Ty Senoj can paint surrealist picture with just Melodyne and a notepad: "Hunnid fucking bands, I just cleared a band in Japan on my mans/I just love them bands like Damn Dan love his Vans/Lost in the sauce, lemme tell you in advance."

“‘Sauce Drip is about waking up in the morning and you're drippin' sauce, ready for the day, smelling good, looking good, being on top of your game,” Senoj told Complex. “You're exhibiting confidence on all accounts, even if your bank account has $3 in it."

On the flip side, we’ve got “Bling Bling,” an agitated party starter with speaker-slaying low-end, and more vivid lyrical content from Senoj: “Pull up in a whip that shit looks like a spaceship/Wavy off the rip, I swear I'm in the matrix/Bitches call me daddy no need for Maury, niggas be so fishy call em' calamari.”

Ty says that “Bling Bling” is “a song for when you're late driving down the Don Valley Parkway. It's supposed to be turn up track to get you amped for going out in your homie's 1992 Honda Accord, and not some UBER black car."

Listen to “Sauce Drip” and “Bling Bling” by Ty Senoj below. Stay tuned for more from Senoj, as he readies his debut dual album, Listen To Your Daddy/Daddy Issues via New Wave Order Music.