Despite the fact that Tyga recently said you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet, it sounds like he's still having his fair share of troubles in real life. According to TMZ, Tyga is once again in hot water with a car loan company, and is close to getting his Lamborghini repossessed because he owes Choice Motor Credit over $350,000. The report states that the company is looking to take back the whip from Tyga and could even go after his money, as well.

Tyga is really not new to anything like this, as back in February reports came out that a repo service was trying to take back the Mercedes that he gifted to Kylie Jenner because he wasn't making any payments on it. It's unclear what the status of that car is currenlty, but TMZ reports today that Choice Motor Credit already repossessed one of Tyga's Bentleys back in February. This is all on top of Tyga's issues with his landlords, as he's reportedly received multiple eviction notices over the past few months. Tyga has yet to comment on this most recent report, but he did post the picture above just three days ago. Maybe things are actually all good? We've reached out to his reps for comment and will continue to update this story as more details come out.