For his main stage performance at Coachella last week, Ice Cube went all out, bringing up both Snoop Dogg and Common to the stage, as well as his former N.W.A group-mates MC Ren and DJ Yella. And yet, for as awesome as that must have been to witness, many left the performance with just one question on their mind: "Where was Dr. Dre?"

Apparently, the Dr. was just bidding his time, because last night, after a 27 year hiatus, the Beats mogul finally joined the rest of the living member of N.W.A onstage for an historic performance. Ren and Yella made their presence felt first to run through the classic track “Straight Outta Compton" after which Cube addressed the crowd and said, "You know, we missing somebody. Is there a Doctor in the motherf---ing house?" 

The crowd lost its mind as Dr. Dre ambled out from behind the giant screen and immediately launched into the immortal "Still D.R.E." followed by the Tupac anthem, "California Love." It was a moment that won't soon be forgotten in Coachella history, and probably the only thing that could have hoped to overshadow an appearance by Kendrick Lamar to perform the song "Alright" earlier in the set. 

Check out the reunion below.