Spit Syndicate's Nick Lupi has tonight regaled the group's Facebook followers with a compelling tale, explaining in detail how he came to steal pizza from rock legend Bob Dylan's fridge. 

The story dates back to 2014, but has become topical more recently after Lupi referred to it during the group's new single "Know Better." During his verse, the One Day rapper offers this piece of advice to listeners; "don't do as I say just do what you feel, shit I stole pizza from Bob Dylan's fridge out in the Hollywood Hills."

Two weeks ago, Lupi threw fuel on the woodfired oven as he posted a picture of himself, draped in a pizza blanket and reading a copy of Bob Dylan's Chronicles: Volume One

Tonight it all came to a head as Lupi came clean on the story behind the stolen slices. We could summarise it in a few sentences, but it wouldn't do justice to the story of drug use, spur of the moment music collabs and private celebrity compounds. 

The post is below. Enjoy.