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The big boss Rick Ross linked up with Tim Westwood for an interview while he was in London for a recent concert, and they covered an impressively wide array of topics. One of their main points of conversation was the Illuminati. The two joked around about the perks of belonging to the organization, shouting out Jay Z for recruiting them both into it. They went on to touch on the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef, with Ross denying that Meek had a bad year. "Nah a hard year is getting knocked off. Getting hit with an AK. Your mama sprinkling roses on your casket," he said. All of which are true, although Meek wasn't exactly shining last year during the two artists' prolonged beef.

He also gave his thoughts on the state of American politics in light of the Donald Trump campaign. "I haven't been keeping up with that donkey," he laughed. "Now it's time for me to build my empire regardless of who comes in power. Rozay gonna still rise to the top. We don't give a fuck who it is, but we always think of our brothers and the others, you dig?"

You can watch the Drake and Illuminati discussions above, and parts two and three of the interview below.