The petite, mild-mannered Scottish-born singer earned herself a spot on Tipper Gore’s “Filthy Fifteen”—along with Prince’s “Darling Nikki” and Vanity’s “Strap On (Robbie Baby)”—with this 1995 smash hit, penned especially for her by Prince. They would continue to collab on “U Got the Look” and “In the Arms of Orion.” In a 1989 interview with NME, Easton explained their process: “I'll get a phone call out of the blue and he'll say, I've just written a song that is perfect for you, do you want to hear it?” She added that “Prince is a spontaneous artist, more than anyone I have ever met, and he's the most unpreconceived writer that I've ever, ever had the privilege to work with. Anything is possible with him.”