Quite possibly the most infectious tune to ever grace an advert, Tigermonkey's "Zooby Doo" now has its own set of visuals. Of course you've already heard this on the Ribena ad, but this new video adds a whole other level of whimsy and leftfield humour. "The hook came to me when I was vibing in the studio one day," Tigermonkey explained to us. "It just came out of nowhere and literally hit me in the head! Next thing I know it's being used on a huge TV ad campaign. I performed it at V Festival last summer with Majestic, and it was pretty crazy hearing 10,000 people singing Zooby Doo back at me." Well aware of how brain-itchingly infectious the tune is, the video presents "Zooby Doo" as an earworm reaching epidemic proportions as it spreads through a hospital—much to the horror of the doctors and nurses. The video, much like the refrain, will no doubt be remembered for a very long time to come.