Sideman/chick: Someone who knows and revels in the fact that they're the secret third person in a relationship. Being a side piece like haloumi has almost become a celebrated status, especially when you have acts like Bryson Tiller dedicating whole albums (T R A P S O U L) to it. Based in London, four-piece disco-rap group Suffice share their new single today and it's one of the catchiest odes to being a side that you will hear this year. I got this side thing and she knows it, knows it's never been about just us croons Jonty Finn, before Sufficewords drops his LOL-inducing rhymes. "'Side Thing' is inspired by the grooves and funk of disco along with the poetry of rap," says Finn, "bringing the two genres together to tell the story of the difficulties and complexity of balancing love for another and love for music." Press play exclusively below.