Sam Wills is giving us Jon B vibes on his crispy new single "So Bright". The 23-year-old singer from Hastings delivers a powerful vocal performance over a bed of stabbing synths, and dreamy, funk-tinged sounds that prove he grew up on a fattening diet of '90s R&B-soul. "This song was the result of the first ever session I had with the amazing Karma Kid, and we wrote and recorded the vast majority of the track in about 8 hours," says Wills over email. "Lyrically, I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of firea symbol of destruction and of survival—when you're with someone in a bad relationship but the high points are so intense, you can't stay away." "So Bright" is also the title of Sam Wills' debut EP (out May 13) and it follows his widely-loved single, "Electrified", which was much of the same: modern-day funk and heavy soul. Get your groove on exclusively below.