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To celebrate his birthday (today), Lewisham grime don P Money comes through with a brand new EP in Thank You, which he's letting die-hard fans (and potential new ones) download for free. Known for his fire-tongued flow and an equally fire pen, the emcee who came up in the OGz crew is pretty much seen as the Wiley of south London, bringing through as much bright barring and production talent as he possibly can. Fresh off the back of his "10/10" single, and its feature-heavy remix, P Money remains at the forefront of the grime conversation and drops off this new 6-tracker featuring Blacks, Kozzie, Little Dee and more.

Speaking to Complex via email, P Money explained that "the Thank You EP was something I wanted to make for the fans, for many reasons. Thank you for being a supporter. Thank you for buying any of the material that I've released. Thank you for following! But the main thing I was grateful for was the turnout and the vibes at my birthday rave I held at Fire on April 2. I always had faith they would come through for me, and this EP is a thank you for not letting me down. I'll be shooting videos based on feedback for a few of the tracks, but I still have one of my biggest releases to come, The Project, featuring grime's biggest names, with videos for every track and a wave no shore has ever seen."

Stream and download the Thank You EP exclusively below.