East London three-piece N-A-I-V-E-S are, quite rightly, done with the cold. Tired of blue fingers and red cheeks, the band have crafted this gloriously sunny piece of pop music. Over a punchy, clicking bass line, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Marc Jacc's lilting vocals soar over a summery electro-pop backing that still packs plenty of bounce and kick for you to dance to. The song itself is a surefire hit that would work just as well blasting out your car radio in the sweltering mid-year heat as it would over the bleached sands and azure blue seas of a beach-side festival. Then there's the video: in the perfect representation of what the track evokes, an impish figure playfully dances around the crisp white beach while bursts of comic book graphics and futuristic imagery flash across the screen. It's probably safe to say N-A-I-V-E-S have delivered the death blow to our winter blues.