Pro Era is much more than just its breakout member Joey Bada$$, and Nyck Caution is ready to prove that to the world. He dropped his debut mixtape, Disguise the Limit, back in February, and now he's back with the brand new lyric video for "Somebody." It finds him on the streets of New York, rapping under moody lighting. "If I was somebody/Who was nobody/Would you still be here for me?" asks the Pro Era rapper in the chorus.

Nyck recruited animator Pat Banahan to bring the video to life, which he does by layering hand-drawn images over the clip, spelling out lyrics and accentuating shots with white scribble. Walu Mwalilino directed the video, which was produced by Omari Williams for Capital Agent Media. 

According to Nyck, he's been looking forward to making this video for a while. "['Somebody' is] one of my favorite songs off the project that I really got to go in and co-produce with the beat from Navie D," he told Complex via email. "I went to Twitter to find an animator and came across Pat who really killed this. I always want to involve the new youth in new projects and this is one of many."

You can check out the lyric video above, download Nyck's Disguise the Limit mixtape here, and check out our new feature on Pro Era here.