When Murkage Dave's "Car Bomb" video was served up last week, it was hard not to be impressed by this new, candid side of him. Sure he can throw the most turnt parties with his Tonga crew, but more than a few people weren't quite ready for the level of incisive story-telling we saw in the video. Whether you knew what he was capable of or not, we were all thirsting for more.

Well, today our prayers have been answered with the D.A.V.E. Part 1 EP that he's now uploaded to SoundCloud. "Car Bomb" is, of course, front and centre as well as four brand new originals. There's the advanced solemnity of "K.O.G. (King Of Greeze)", the relaxed takedown of fake MCs on "East London Freestyle", the uneasy minimalism of "Hungry Blondes", rounded off with the playful (if not slightly sinister), off-kilter club vibes of "Netflix & Kill". The overarching theme, if there is one, is the relaxed, slightly eerie brand of soulful songwriting that is sure to be remembered for a very long time. 

[via RWD]