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Makonnen has been putting in work this week. After dropping his new video for Drink More Water 6 cut "Solo" on Tuesday in honor of his 27th birthday, he decided to hop back in the booth to pay tribute to the legacy of Kobe Bryant. The song is titled "Black Mamba Freestyle," after Bryant's famous nickname. "I might leave the game today like Black Mamba/But they gon' always mention me like Black Mamba," he sings in the chorus, before launching into funny verses comparing his own skills to Kobe's. "When I was a rookie/Nigga looking like a fortune cookie," he cracks.

Danny Wolf handles the production, which consists of a simple, pleasant synth pattern for Makonnen to freestyle over. He released the track to coincide with Bryant's final NBA game last night, which the Lakers won in large part thanks to a whopping 60 points from Bryant. Clearly Makonnen chose a good—if lofty—person to compare himself to.

You can stream Makonnen's "Black Mamba Freestyle" below.