Newspaper columnist and LBC radio host, Katie Hopkins, has sadly become a household name in recent years. The latest in a long line of pitiful, attention-seeking efforts came this week when she blamed a teenage stabbing victim for his own death—branding him "lazy" and "foolish"—in yet another click-baiting column for the Mail Online. As Hopkins knows all too well, every action provokes a reaction and she's just been served a good one. Hailing from the same borough as victim Myron Yarde, Lewisham emcee Koder steps forward and fires back ferociously with "Ignorant Katie". The well-put opener (If Katie Hopkins wants to interview me she can come to the hood, cos nobody cares about trees getting cut until they come to the woods) sets the tone for the rest of the way as Koder channels his frustration and disgust over a pulsing riddim from BlameBlame. Take it in below.