Kesha is set to hit the stage next month. The singer is one of 30 artists who will perform at Bob Dylan's 75th birthday concert, "Dylan Fest: A Celebration of Bob Dylan's 75th Birthday," at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. Kacey Musgraves and Kurt Vile will also be performing at the event, which will benefit Thistle Farms. Previously, Kesha actually contributed an acoustic cover back in 2011 of "Don't Think Twice It's All Right" for the Amnesty International USA 76-song Bob Dylan covers collection, Chimes of Freedom. “I mean, I think it’s pretty well known that he’s one of, if not my most, favorite artists of all time of the most amazing lyricists as well—the original storyteller,” Kesha told MTV around the time the cover was released. "It was kind of like an emotional purging, and you can hear it on the record.”

The performance also marks Kesha's first big performance since a New York judge threw out her appeal for an injunction that asked she be released from her Sony contract. Meanwhile, Kesha told fans on social media that she was offered her "freedom" from the label if she retracted the rape allegations against Dr. Luke. Still, Kesha has a similar case open in Los Angeles. It's unclear what Kesha's legal future holds, but it will definitely be nice to see her return to the stage in such a big way. You can catch Kesha at one of her upcoming shows at Dylan Fest, PickAxe Summerfest, and Dubuque County Fair this summer. Check out the full lineup for Dylan's birthday below.