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While Kesha has been in the public eye quite a bit lately due to her ongoing struggle to free herself from her contract with Sony and her one-time manager Dr. Luke, she hasn't made many appearance in front of audiences onstage as of late. That appears set to change tonight according to a report from TMZ as the singer appears poised to join Zedd at some point during his set at Coachella tonight at 9:30 Pacific time. It's still unknown whether she intends to perform, make a statement, or do something else entirely, but as TMZ posits, such a high-profile appearance has all the makings of a real comeback moment. 

Earlier this month, the singer's appeal to be released from her Sony contract was tossed by a judge who wrote, "Every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime." In the wake of that loss, Kesha seems more determined than ever before to get her career back on track. In addition to showing up onstage at Coachella, next month she's booked perform at Bob Dylan's 75th birthday party. As for her connection to Zedd, the singer's camp allegedly reached out to the DJ/performer last month after he offered to produce some new songs for her. Might this be the beginning of a new musical partnership for Kesha?