Kari Faux has been building up to the release of her debut album for over a year, going from from working at a Chick-fil-A to collaborating with Childish Gambino. Today, the Arkansas-born rapstress is streaming the release, Lost En Los Angeles, in full ahead of its official release tomorrow. The album title comes directly from Kari's time in Los Angeles after she moved there to work on her music under the mentorship of Gambino. “I had never been a part of something like that, and it was just kind of strange to me,” Kari told Noisey. “Like everybody’s networking and schmoozing with each other, and I was just like 'Oh, OK, I guess. I'm here.'”

The result is a funk-filled released of blustering basslines, influenced by her dad's love of the '70s genre, acid-washed in psychedelics that drip with just the right amount of unabashed realness about not having your shit together. She says that the album's subject comes from her honest experience. "If I pretend like I have it all together, if I was to have a moment where my shit isn't together everybody’s going to be like 'well I thought you had it all figured out.' And I'm like 'no, I want you to give me the space to fuck up if I fuck up because I'm a human being like you,'" she said. Of course, most of the instruments on the album are courtesy of Kari's constant collaborator, Black Party, who she said taught himself how to play guitar, bass, and the drums within the past year.

Stream Lost En Los Angeles in full ahead of its official release tomorrow. You can also catch her live at the El Rey Theater in LA on April 19 or at SOB's in New York on April 28.