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Joey Fatts and Vince Staples link up for the video for "Farrakhan," and the two Long Beach, Calif. rappers are wasting no time in making a political statement. After leaving a corner store, Fatts gets seen drinking a 40 by some police officers. Soon enough, they're chasing him down and assaulting him. Afterwards, we see that the officers aren't exactly following the law themselves, with one patronizing a local prostitute. This leads to the dramatic end of the video, where Fatts seeks revenge. The video is based off a script written by Fatts and Staples, and is directed by Yamï.

"Farrakhan" is the latest video from Fatts' I'll Call You Tomorrow mixtape, which dropped last month. The mixtape also features appearances from Lil Yachty, and Playboi Carti. It follows up his 2015 EP Ill Street BluesYou Can grab I'll Call You Tomorrow here via SoundCloud, and check out their video for "Farrakhan" above.