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With the 10th anniversary of J Dilla's death occurring back in February, the producer's family and friends are looking to keep his legacy alive. To that end, Mass Appeal is releasing a posthumous album, titled The Diary, next week, and his mother Ma Dukes Yancy is planning a re-release of Jay Love Japan to coincide with Mothers Day on May 6. The latter will include several unreleased tracks as a bonus, and today, two of them popped up on Dilla's official SoundCloud page.

The first is "The Look," a mellow, soulful song that's primarily instrumental. The second is "Sun in My Face," a collaboration with two fellow California boys, Miguel and Blu. Miguel shines on the soaring chorus, singing "As I open up my eyes/And finally see the world/I discover victory/And the sun is in my face." Meanwhile, Blu holds it down for some dense, lyrical verses.

You can stream both songs below. Be sure to be on the lookout for The Diary next week, and the re-release of Jay Love Japan early next month.